Finley House Couture now carries an Artisan Jewelry collection. For those new to the term artisan jewelry; An artisan (from French: artisan, Italian: artigiano) is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates material objects partly or entirely by hand. This Artisan Jewelry collection combines sterling silver with various natural stones handcrafted into some very appealing yet practical pieces of jewelry. The natural stones used in this collection consist of: “lapis, pearls, abalone, turquoise. mother of pearl, smokey quartz, malachite, various topazes, and labradorite etc. They are hand made and uniquely designed by artisans in the US and Europa incorporating a unique blend of fashion forward, elegance and sophistication along with some casual elements”, per Dean. Come by our shop and pick out your favorites to accessorize your wardrobe today!

Sterling Repousse (hammered from opposite side)
Sterling Bangle & Repousse
Sterling Silver Bangle
Sterling Blue Stone Ring
Blue Lapis Necklace
Sterling Silver Watermelon Stone Bracelet
Jade & Silver Elephant Bracelet
Sterling Silver Crystal Earring Close Up
Sterling Silver Crystal Earrings
Black Bead Necklace
Wrapped Cross Pendant
Celtic Cross Pendant
Sterling Pearl Bracelet
King Baby Spinel Necklace
King Baby Hematite Bracelet
Artisan Collection Display
Snake Eye Pin
Abalone Bracelet
Sterling bracelets & Pearl Cuff
Pearl, Sterling Silver and Gemstone Bracelets
Sterling cuff with stones
Malachite bracelet
Amber Bracelet
Sterling Bracelet