Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel was known for her many attributes in the fashion industry however she was truly instrumental in making costume jewelry popular. She advocated that jewelry should be worn to decorate, rather than display wealth. Her style of wearing long faux pearls and intermingling them with faux diamond necklaces became popular among the well to do and middle class alike. Her beginnings of a childhood as an orphan and the successes of an accomplished businesswoman gave birth to an extraordinary character; daring, free, and ahead of her time. Coco Chanel wore clothes and jewelry to suit her needs and comfort. She had her own individuality which inspired many women of her time.

Pictured below are items from our Chanel Paris Collection. These pieces were obtained in Paris from a Senior Lady who had a vast collection of Chanel. She has made TV appearances, given lectures and written articles on Chanel jewelry.

The above vintage necklace and earrings are from the Paris collection. All the pieces are fashioned from cut glass and gold plated with the unique CC logo. Spring/Summer ’23
This vintage glass faux pearl necklace, CC logo earrings and drop faux pearl earrings are also from the Paris Collection. Either of these pairs of earrings would work well as an accessory with the necklace for your favorite ensemble. Spring/Summer ’23

This vintage necklace, also from the Paris Collection, is a gold plated curb or twisted chain with cut glass faux diamonds and pearls. Pair this necklace with your favorite evening attire for an elegant ensemble. Spring/Summer ’23
Added to the vintage faux pearl necklace and earrings is a gold plated link bracelet. The bracelet is also from the Paris Collection and would accessorize well with all three of the necklaces pictured. Spring/Summer ’23

The following items are not from the Paris Collection but all carry the same high standards of Chanel Costume Jewelry that she was so famous for.

The center piece displayed is a double heavy chain 24 carat gold plated necklace with a lion medallion resembling the sun. The cuff is gold plated diamond design with a faux pearl in the center. The earrings resemble a shield & crest with the CC logo in the center.
This large chain link necklace has a square medallion with brown tone stones resembling a butterfly. It is displayed with a gold plated coin shaped bracelet and round black earrings with the CC logo in the center.
This six sided gold plated star necklace has a faux pearl in its center and is accompanied with matching bracelet and earrings. The mesh bracelet has a faux pearl at the end resembling a sun while the earrings resemble small diamond shaped suns.
This round clear medallion necklace is surrounded by a gold plated woven design. It is accompanied by a pair of faux pearl earrings and a pair of gold plated earrings resembling shells.
This white stone medallion necklace resembles a rugged cross with the gold strips tying it together. It is accompanied by a gold link necklace and a pair of round black stone earrings containing the CC logo surrounded by gold. These are all gold plated.
The orange & clear bead necklace is 14 carat gold plated. It is accompanied by a grey beaded necklace, a 24 carat gold plated coin necklace and a pair of CC logo faux diamond earrings.
This gold plated charm necklace has chanel oval charms linked together within the chain with a couple of additional charms at the end of the necklace..