Finley House Couture now carries America’s first personal care and fragrance product collection! Caswell Massey was founded in 1752, so as of this year the company is two hundred and seventy one years old. If you are looking for a personal care product company that is tried and true, then this is definitely what you are looking for. Caswell Massey began as an apothecary shop, started by Dr. William Hunter, selling only Medical Supplies. The shop changed hands through the years, staying within the same family for a while but later was acquired by John Rose Caswell who formed a partnership with New York businessman William Massey in 1876.

Caswell Massey products consists of pure essential oils and plant based products, with added ingredients such as a plant based glycerine formula to moisturize and protect the skin. They also use combinations of herbs such as: bergamot, jasmine, geranium, rosemary, clove, rose, sandalwood and cedar-wood. They carry both men’s and women’s products and proudly assert on their website that their products are free from unnecessary and harmful ingredients, so come by Finley House today and try some of these products for yourself!

Boxed set of No. 6, Presidential, Sandal Wood and Greenbriar soap and Men’s Shave Soap. These are all Men’s Products.
Women’s Soaps: Goat’s Milk & Honey, Orchid, Elixir of Love No. 1 and Gardenia
No. 6 Cologne & Soap (The choice of President’s & Celebrities) Fall/Spring ’23
Oatmeal Bar Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Sandal Wood Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Trio of Fragrances & Verbena Hand wash Fall/Spring ’23
Tricorn Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Newport, Sandal Wood & Tricorn Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Elixir of Love soap Fall/Spring ’23
Greenbriar Soap Fall/Spring ’23

Yellowstone Old Faithful Exfoliating Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Yellowstone Mammoth Exfoliating Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Yellowstone Lake Castile Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Gardenia Floral Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Cucumber Soap Fall/Spring ’23
Body Scrub Bar Soap Fall/Spring ’23

Almond Soap Fall/Spring ’23
LX 48 Parfum Fragrance for Men Fall/Spring ’23
Woodgrain Soap Fall/Spring ’23