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As the last days of summer turn up the heat, minds turn to the cool breezes of fall. And the seasonal looks, of course. It will be here soon! Mark offers a set of looks built around a single piece that can transition from summer to fall. This cream-colored faux fur vest by 2Chic is available at the Boutique Collection. The light color plays well with a variety of prints and looks. And you won’t believe how soft it is! Stop by and try one on, pairing it with some of the concepts Mark features below.

Look One:
IMG_3614We start with a look that has a definite summer vibe. The bright shirt and ankle pants by Lilly Pulitzer pop with vibrancy under the vest. These pants are in the Toucan Play print, but any bright pattern would achieve a similar look. Paired with some striking accessories, the ensemble comes together. The tortoise shell inspired necklaces and cuff are by Lorren Bell. Tortoise shell is like pearl- it’s good for all seasons and looks great with almost anything! A Spartina handbag in a cream colored leather completes this look. As for shoes, try a small heel or wedge, or even somesandals with wrap laces since the cuff of the pants show off the ankles.
Note that Mark has placed a longer necklace with this look- you will want to proportion necklaces to your vests. And you will also want to proportion your vests with your body. Mark suggests that long-waisted folks should opt for longer vests like this one, while short-waisted people look great in shorter vests. Don’t know which one you are? Use this technique for a basic evaluation: stand and bend your arms at the elbows, holding your elbows against your waist. If your hips are below your elbows, you are long-waisted. If your hips are at or above your elbows, you are short-waisted.

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Look Two:
IMG_3620The second look keeps some lightness to it, making it a great outfit for the transition between summer and fall. Mark is using navy like a neutral here, and brings in color with jewelry and accessories. The tunic and slacks are from Elizabeth Mckay. The polished pieces lend a more tailored look to the ensemble. More statement necklaces, again: long ones with this vest, offer a pop of color. These carved cinnabar necklaces by Lorren Bell are beautiful here, and give even more texture against the softness of the vest. The patent leather and red bag by Spartina and bangles by Bourbon and Bowties work well with the look.You may also notice the simple lines that are maintained in this ensemble: narrow bands on the tunic and handbag, and open circles on the accessories. Little details like that help tie things together without worrying about matching things perfectly by color or pattern. Try a red or patent leather shoe with this one.

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Look Three:
IMG_3624This final look with the vest uses more neutral colors, creating an ensemble that is decidedly more autumn. This great ruffled tunic is by Comfy. The pants are, too, but feel free to break out the leggings and boots here- we know you want to! And they would work great with this top. Mark pairs another long necklace with the vest; the horn pendant is by Thad Cline, while the pearl pendant piece is another beautiful Lorren Bell piece. They are actually close to the same length, but Mark wanted a layered look with them, and he has a simple tip for accomplishing it. Grab a small safety pin and secure it in the links of the chain to create the length you want, and just let the rest of the length hang down your back. Another Spartina handbag looks great alongside- this time a houndstooth clutch. More Bourbon and Bowties bangles in warm fall colors gow well with the leather on the clutch bag and offer a little something different.

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By the way, this Comfy tunic is a really fun piece! The neckline features a set of ribbons in the back that you can pull to increase the ruffles and change the look of the tunic a bit.
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