Finley House has a new shipment of Linda Richards’ winter hats and accessories. Over the years since the founding of Linda Richards, the reputation grew consistently in the United States and has become a formidable brand name with considerable label recognition. The Linda Richards Brand became so fashionable that Linda Richards has also appeared consistently in major media including print publications like, Women’s Wear Daily, Mode Magazine, Women’s Day, Vogue, Good Housekeeping and the Ladies Home Journal. This year our selection of Linda Richards products vary from angora blend to wool, fox and rabbit. All these are genuine fur. So if you are looking for genuine fur hats, ear warmers, gloves, headbands or even scrunchies or charms stop by Finley House. We may have just what you are looking for!

Angora Fur Blend Hats $129.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Angora Fur Blend Hats Close UP Fall/Winter ’23
Wool & Fox Fur Hats $104 Fall/Winter ’23
Ear Warmers/Neck Bands 100% Sheared Rabbit $129.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Ear Warmers/Neck Bands Close Up Fall/Winter ’23
Mink Headbands $104.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Mink Scrunchies $36.00 Fall/Winter ’23

Mink Scrunchies Close Up Fall/Winter ’23
Angora Fur Blend Pom Pom Gloves $104.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Angora Blend Genuine Fur Hand Warmers $104.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Angora Blend Fur Pom Pom Gloves Fall/Winter ’23
Genuine Rabbit key/Purse Charms $39.00 Fall/Winter ’23