Lilly Pulitzer’s line started from meager beginnings that has blossomed into an absolute sensation. Her husband owned some fruit groves in Florida and she opened a juice stand. Her clothes were so stained from the juice, she asked her dressmaker to design a dress that would camouflage the stains. The result? A comfortable sleeveless shift dress made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange. That shift dress became the basis of the line Lilly designs today. Lilly has added sleeve and neck embellishments to add style and sophistication to her dresses. The designs have also progressed from simply florals to island and animal prints. Being aware of the wants and needs of her shoppers, Lilly has also added a children’s line and an accessories line. The children’s line include some dresses matching adult dresses for a “Mommy & Me” look. The accessories include anything from tote bags and shoes to travel accessories. So take a look at some of Lilly’s clothing and products to choose your favorite.

Morgen Heathered Cerise Pink Sweater – Fall/Winter ’23
Regate Jacket : Deeper Coconut – Fall/Winter ’23
Soreen Sherpa Coconut Popover – Fall/Winter ’23
Morgen Heathered Cerise Pink Sweater button close-up Fall/Winter ’23
Regate Jacket: Deeper Coconut close up – Fall/Winter ’23
Soreen Sherpa Coconut Popover close up Fall/Winter ’23
Jollian Floral Jacquar Amarena Cherry Fete – Fall/Winter ’23
Arietta Popover Amarena Cherry – Fall/Winter ’23
Karessa Macadamia Set- Fall/Winter ’23
Abaco Blue Beckington Cardigan – Fall/Winter ’23
Sandbar Islande Vest – Fall/Winter ’23
Black Metallic Beckington Cardigan -Fall/Winter ’23
Leora Multi Tiger’s Lair Spring/Summer ’23

Ryann Shift Dress: Creme Fraiche Kaleidoscope Spring/Summer ’23
Navella Dress: Mystical Purple/Mini Medallion Chiffon Spring/Summer ’23
Erina Dress: Pink Grenadine/Gold Puff Floral Children’s Line Spring/Summer ’23
Juney Elbow Sleeve Dress: Low Tide Navy/Catty Purrsonality Spring/Summer ’23
Larissa Ruffle Low Tide Navy/Flirty Fins & Feathers Spring/Summer ’23

Harriet Dress Mandevilla Baby/ Paradise Petals Spring/Summer ’23
Birds Eye View/Boco Blue Flowered Dress Spring/Summer ’23
Elsa Top/ Multi Festive Fantasy Spring/Summer ’23
Rami Long Sleeve Sweat Low Tide Navy/Good Vibes Spring/Summer ’23
Shilah Long Sleeve Dress Borealis Blue Spring/Summer ’23
Elna Stretch Dress, Cumulus Blue Spring/Summer ’23
Hazel Anne Eyelet Dress Resort White Spring/Summer ’23
Ryann Eyelet Shift: Frenchie Blue Kaleidoscope Eyelet Spring/Summer ’23
Natalie Cover-Up w/crepe swirl Spring/Summer ’23

Elane Satin Robe Pink Isle Spring/Summer ’23
Johana Cover-Up Spring/Summer ’23
Skipper Popover Fall/Winter ’22
Sophie Dress Fall/Winter ’22
Brandi Shift Fall/Winter ’22
Untamed Hearts PJ’s Fall/Winter ’22
Lilia Dress Fall/Winter ’22
Ryan Sherpa Zip up, Pink Isle – Fall/Winter ’22
Mini Finn Chocolate Onyx Shirt – Fall/Winter ’22

Leona Sunshine Jungle – Fall/Winter ’22
Kristen Low Tide Navy Dress – Fall/Winter ’22
Kristen Low Tide Navy Dress Close up – Fall/Winter ’22 Who doesn’t love sailboats!
Brandi Shift Blue Grotto – Fall/Winter ’22
Maia Leggings, Purrposefully Pink, Fall/Winter ’22
Mini Kieran, Pink Isle – Fall/Winter ’22
Johnny sitting with Hats & Furs -Fall/Winter ’22
Shelli Stretch Dress in Loro Green Pineapple paired with a Monet Necklace
Kenna Dress, Resort Yellow – Fall/Winter ’22
Nadine Pink Isle Dress – Fall/Winter ’22
Cath Dress in Take me to the Sea, accented with gold and white Susan Shaw Choker
Sophiletta Dress in Mystical Purple
Julian Halter top in Mystical Purple
Letitia Bra Tank coupled with Weekender High Rise Le both in Blue Peri
Marion Mesh Panel Half Calla Lilly Pink High Tides Good Vibes

Averi Dress in Onyx
On the Catwalk Shirt close up Dean has paired with Susan Shaw Blue, White and Pearl Franc Necklace
Cantaloupe Bekah Top, Krazy Larry Pants and Blue, White & Pearl Susan Shaw Necklace, paired by Dean
Christina Stretch Lileeze Dress close up paired with Susan Shaw Bee necklace
Cynthia Dress Paired with Susan Shaw Chain Necklace
On The Catwalk Shirt Dean has paired with krazy Larry Pants
Christina Stretch Lileeze Dress paired with Susan Shaw Bee Necklace

Mommy & Me Rose to the Occasion
Mommy & Me Teresa Dress
Mommy & Me Ports Nadine Dress
Mommy & Me Always worth it: Mandevilla Baby and Skipper Popover
Mommy & Me Tropics down low: Sophia & Gabriel
Mommy & Me Moms the word: Christiana and Jodee
Mommy & Me Shelleldoscope
Mommy & Me Virla Dress
Mommy & Me Ports Dress