New Fall Looks!

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It’s almost fall, so it’s time to break out the deep colors and luxurious textures to welcome the season! We have lots of new pieces in the shop, just waiting for a day with a nip in the air. Check out these autumn looks that Mark has created with some of the new items in the store. Today, it’s all about texture! A gorgeous Sara Campbell dress features in all these looks, with a great animal print to anchor the three textural pieces. The knit dress is slightly fitted with details that flatter nearly any figure, and has a fun leather zipper, so it stands alone well. Add layers and texture to elevate the look and give more versatility to the piece.

Look One:

IMG_3838A long fuzzy vest from Boutique Collection adds a splash of fun to the dress, while bringing just a little bit of warmth. It’s so soft! Mark has layered long necklaces in the long space created by the vest, which is a good bet any time you have an open space that needs to be broken up. The pieces here are a vintage charm necklace and a Jay Strongwater necklace. A gold bracelet, also by Jay Strongwater, completes the look. Gold jewelry works well with this color palette, keeping everything soft and warm.
Mark suggests a fun ankle boot with this look, maybe something with a fringe to echo the looseness and movement of the long vest.

IMG_3840  IMG_3842





Look Two:
IMG_3845This second look with the Sara Campbell knit dress is a bit more elegant with the addition of more structure. A gorgeous nubby wrap sweater by Simply Noelle is still warm, soft, and fuzzy, but the contrasting borders along the sleeves and neck bring a more defined shape. This wrap, by the way, can be worn longer like this, or be flipped to fit more like a shrug with a wider neckline. Lots of fun! A Lorren Bell cotton-ball-pearl necklace lightens up the space created by the long neckline of the wrap, and a wrap belt by Geraldina helps define the waist. The belt features a naturally-fallen hand carved tusk with foil wrapped agate, and is completely unique. The detail in the carving is just spectacular. It can also be worn as a necklace, and looks great with lots of fall and winter looks. A gold bracelet by John Wind completes this ensemble. The little charms reflect the movement of the pendant on the necklace.

Try a boot with a look like this, too. Mark suggests a boot that rises to mid-calf, hinting that the height of your boots can be relevant to the formality of a look: lower boots for more casual and higher boots for something dressy.

IMG_3846 IMG_3844



Look Three:
IMG_3848We LOVE this Sara Campbell pistachio coat. The subtle color is beautiful next to the warm tones of the animal print, and the structure of the piece really elevates the overall tone of the dress in terms of formality. A Mei necklace of natural stones, turquoise, and pearls brings more color, taking a cue from the pale green of the coat. The rich tones in the necklace lend themselves to nearly any color accessory. Try a handbag with beautiful grays and blues, or a bold yellow to pick up even more tones from this stunning piece.
When recreating a look like this one, take cues from the juxtaposition of the random nature of the animal print alongside the monochromatic and structured coat. Each complements the other because of the opposite nature of the pieces- the coat brings sophistication to the dress while the dress makes the coat more playful. The riotous necklace works great here because the solid coat helps temper the print.

Mark feels that a knee-high boot would work well with a look like this one. The coat comes to just above the hemline of the dress, leaving a peek of layers above the top of the boot.