Cereria Molla

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Finley house has a new candle line, Cereria Molla, that was established in 1899 and consists of candles, room and body mist, perfumed liquid soap and reed diffusers. The candles are made from vegetable wax so they do not produce smoke and all their fragrances are very aromatic, per Mark. Cereria Molla roughly translated means Molla’s Candle and Wax shop. They are still a family owned business. Their handmade candles and range of products are the result of combining the best raw materials such as: soya wax, cotton wick and the most exclusive fragrances with the know-how and the original formulas inherited generation after generation by the Mollá family. Why buy these candles when there are so many other options to choose from? The fact that this candle shop has been in business for over a century shows that these are top quality products. Come by Finley house and see if these products stand up to the test of time.

black orchid & lily candle and hand wash
Room Spray & Body Mist, candles and reed diffusers