German Fuentes

Finley House carries a stunning collection of German Fuentes Leather Bags! We have a varied selection of styles and colors! German Fuentes was established in 2014 and only sells directly to boutiques and stores. Our collection of German Fuentes bags are 100% quality leather and made in Italy. Listed below are some of the German Fuentes bags we have available in our shop. So stop by today to see our collection!

Camel Embossed Leather Bag $199.00. Available in: Camel, Black, Hot Pink, Navy & Dark Green
Black Embossed Leather Bag, Adjustable Strap Included. $199.00
Camel Embossed Leather Bag Side View. $199.00 Adjustable Strap Included.
Embossed Leather Bag $199.00 Front View
Embossed Leather Bag Side View. $199.00
Embossed Leather Bag Detachable Shoulder Chain Included $199.00
Turquoise Embossed Bag $199.00. Detachable Shoulder Chain Included.
Turquoise Embossed Bag Side View. $199.00
Turquoise Embossed Bag Back View. $199.00
White Leather Bag With Black Trim $128.00
White Leather Bag With Black Trim Side View $128.00
White Leather Bag With Black Trim. Detachable Shoulder Strap Included. $128.00
Navy Embossed Leather Bag $199.00. Detachable Shoulder Strap Included
Navy Embossed Leather Bag Side View $199.00. Available in Navy & Red
Red Embossed Leather Bag $199.00. Detachable Strap Included
Burgundy Wallet Butterfly Bag $118.00
Burgundy Wallet Butterfly Bag Side View $118.00
Emerald Wallet Butterfly Bag $118.00. Also available in Mustard, Olive, Dark Gray, Navy, Beige & White
Red Tall Butterfly Bag $128.00. Colors Available: Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Lilac & Nude
Fuchsia Tall Butterfly Bag $128.00
Fuchsia Tall Butterfly Bag Side View $128.00
White Regular Size Butterfly Bag $128.00
Orange Regular Size Butterfly Bag Side View $128.00
Orange Regular Size Butterfly Bag. Colors: White, Orange and Kelly Green $128.00
Black Leather Bag $249
Black Leather Bag side view
Black Leather Bag with detachable strap
Small Drawstring Bag $110.00 Color: Nude
Small Drawstring Bag view with drawstring twisted
Small Black Bag with Gold Hardware and Detachable Gold chain. $79.00. Also Available in Gold and Hot Pink