Jay Strongwater Ornaments

Finley House Couture continues the Jay Strongwater Christmas Ornament tradition this year with his Christmas Ornament Collection. Jay began his career in 1981 while a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. After garnering raves for a necklace he made for his mother, he took jewelry samples to the open buyer days at several of New York’s department stores and a burgeoning business was born. Although he attended a fashion school, he seems to be an artisan at heart. He began by making costume jewelry and taking everyday items such as boxes and picture frames and dressing them up into a work of art. His Ornament Collection is the product of his talent and love of creating beauty and elegance. These ornaments are made of hand blown glass and intricately painted with enamel using glitter and crystal. The cost of these ornaments range from $165.00 to $475.00, a small price to pay for such quality and artisanship. We have, at the time of this post, all twelve days of Christmas Ornaments displayed along with other Christmas Ornaments. Also, we have stands to display the ornaments sold separately; $75.00 for a small stand and $95.00 for a large one. So add one of these beautifully exquisite Christmas Ornaments to your collection today!

Tree display of Jay Strongwater Christmas Ornaments Fall/Winter ’23
Woodland Santa Glass Christmas Ornament: $325.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Peacock Egg Glass Ornament: $475.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Cross Glass Ornament: $300.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Floral Skull Glass Ornament: $395.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Floral Skull Glass Ornament (Side View) Fall/Winter ’23
Two Turtle Doves Glass Ornament: $225.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Four Calling Birds Glass Ornament: $225.00 Fall/Winter ’23
Nine Ladies Dancing Glass Ornament: $225.00 Fall/Winter ’23